hi! my name is ella sharon quinney, and i would like to share my story with you! you might be wondering “who is this chic and why would i even want to listen to her?” well i have answers to both of those questions! like i said, i am ella sharon and i am currently of 16 years of age. i am the middle child of three sisters and live in a house of 3 generations. i was born in reno, nevada and lived there for three months before i moved to the santa ynez valley, so i cannot run for any californian government office sadly. my favorite ice-cream is chocolate malted crunch, and i gave my life fully to the lord when i was in 8th grade and love seeing his beauty in art, music, and people.

thus, jesus really opened my eyes to photography when i was really little (i would keep on reading because this is where it gets good). the first camera i ever got was when i was in 3rd grade and it was this cheap, knock-off double-sided red camera that fit in the palm of my hand, and i loved that thing with a passion. my best friend clare benton and i would take pictures and videotape ourselves doing stupid dance moves and it seriously was the best time of my life; i have those pictures to this day. this was my first exposure to photography, and i truly to believe that christ, ever since that moment, has been calling me to preserve precious moments like these to truly proclaim what a good, beautiful, fun-loving creator, friend, father, and savior he truly is.

so maybe you are still wondering why you even took time to read about me and ponder through this website, but i am sure thankful that you did because i want my story to be a part of your story too. thanks for your time and i hope to talk to you soon!

 taken by ryan casey ( )

taken by ryan casey (